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Calls for support to children in state care to be extended to age 21

By CAFWA Administrator on 6th of November 2016 — Share on FacebookIn Media Releases

Most children aren't prepared for adulthood the moment they reach the age of 18; why should it be different for young people in state care?

Children are not just small people waiting to be adults; they are full and complete versions of themselves at their particular stage in life, and they are to be nurtured and supported on the basis that they ought to flourish at every stage of their lives. Childhood is a unique and very integral stage of the life course that is rich, meaningful and just as important as adulthood.

When children come in to state care, it is assumed that once they reach the age of eighteen they are prepared for their adulthood. State responsibility for their wellbeing ceases, and they are largely on their own to make sense of adulthood and the newfound ‘adult’ world around them.

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Mental health needs of vulnerable children in State care: further improvements needed

By CAFWA Administrator on 15th of July 2016 — Share on FacebookIn Media Releases

Families SA has made recent moves to collaborate with the non-government sector to improve outcomes for children in residential care; more work is needed

“It is critical that the mental health needs of vulnerable children are at the front and centre of assessment and planning in all out of home care placements”, said Rob Martin, Executive Director of the Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia (CAFWA SA).

His comments come in the wake of the reported suicide of a thirteen-year-old boy in a Families SA residential care facility on Tuesday 12th July 2016.

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CAFWA-SA to release 10 Point Action Plan

By CAFWA User on 5th of November 2014 — Share on FacebookIn Media Releases

We need to take action now to do better for children in care. There is no need to wait until we
have the outcomes of the SA Royal Commission

-  Albert Barelds, Executive Director of CAFWA-SA.

Members of the Child and Family Welfare Association have set a reform agenda for child
protection, as they are acutely aware of the need for change. These not-for-profit organisations
know the complexities and challenges in this area, however this should not be a deterrent to
recommending improvements. 

Please find the full media release and 10 Point Action Plan documents below.

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Focus Must Be On What is Good For Children and Families

By CAFWA User on 24th of October 2014 — Share on FacebookIn Media Releases

The debate in South Australia about the role and functions of a Commissioner for Children and Young People has reached a stalemate in SA Parliament.

Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia (CAFWA), the peak body for the not-for-profit non-government child protection services in South Australia, is calling for the Government and Opposition to break the present stalemate and bring together the best of the Government's proposal and the Opposition's individual member's Bill.

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News Room Media Release

By CAFWA User on 22nd of July 2014 — Share on FacebookIn Media Releases

Alleged child sexual abuse by a Families SA employee

 Horrific allegations being published today about alleged child sexual abuse by a government-employed carer involving a number of preschool-age children need an urgent and deliberate response. Although this appears to have happened in a Families SA managed residential care facility, the child protection sector – both Government and Non-Government Organisations should be asked to answer questions how such sickening behaviour can occur by agencies working with children under the Guardianship of the Minister.

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