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Baptist Care (SA) is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation skilled in the delivery of community services throughout Adelaide and the state of South Australia. Baptist Care (SA) Inc provides a variety of services to disadvantaged and marginalised people around the State.

Contact: Wendy Fraser

Action Plan for Child Protection Reform

By CAFWA User on 1st of July 2015 — Share on FacebookIn Podcasts / audio

In light of CAFWA-SA's 10 Point Action Plan for Child Protection submission to the government, Albert Barelds joined Small Change to discuss the improvements and reforms outlined in the paper. 


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The State of the System: Child Protection in South Australia

By CAFWA User on 5th of May 2015 — Share on FacebookIn Podcasts / audio

Following the SA Royal Commission Chloe Valentine inquest, the South Australian child protection system has been under siege. 

In light of these issue, CAFWA-SA Executive Director Albert Barelds participated in a three part radio interview to answer the questions; What are the problems in the system?; Where do we find solutions? 

Presented by the South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) radio segment, Small Change, Albert Barelds joined in sharing some important perspectives of child protection and the state of our system in South Australia.

Ross Womersley – Executive Director, South Australian Council of Social Service
Albert Barelds – Executive Director, Child & Family Welfare Association of SA
Professor Fiona Arney – Director, Australian Centre for Child Protection
Pam Simmons – South Australian Guardian for Children and Young People


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CAFWA-SA on ABC News Adelaide

By CAFWA User on 20th of November 2014 — Share on FacebookIn Podcasts / audio

Following CAFWA-SA's 10-Point Action Plan publication earlier this month, Executive Director Albert Barelds spoke with ABC News Adelaide about the importance of the State Government being proactive and collaborative whilst waiting for the outcomes of the Royal Commission into Child Protection. 

Read on to listen to the full interview.

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