Professional Supervision Workshop

At their foundation, CAFFSA workshops are based on relational and best practice frameworks and will provide participants with a side by side learning experience where relationships are at the centre of all training delivered. This workshop is based on a relational framework for professional supervision that acknowledges that relationships are at the centre of everything we do. The training is framed by the Kadushin Model of supervision and draws upon Kolbs Experiential Le

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Participants will explore  ways to establish effective supervision and negotiate expectations with staff. they will have the opportunity to build upon their supervision skills in facilitating effective reflection, to respond to people’s different stages of professional development, and adapt to different learning styles by being a responsive leader

New, emerging and experienced managers, service coordinators, team leaders, experienced practitioners are encouraged to attend

Topics Include:

  • Values and their impact on supervision
  • Leadership in supervision
  • Raising issues and providing challenging feedback
  • Potential outcomes of supervision
  • Different models for supervision
  • Three functions of professional supervision
  • Reviewing agency expectations and policies
  • Negotiating expectations with staff
  • Supervision agreements and recording
  • Approaches and resources for supervision
  • Supportive aspects of supervision including debriefing and crisis intervention
  • Using solution-focused questions
  • Facilitating reflective practice
  • Adapting our approach for different learning styles
  • Conflict conversations
  • Strategies at different stages of professional development


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