Writing Professional Case Notes and Client Records Workshop for Disability Services

This 1 day workshop is based on best practice strategies for writing and recording client interactions across a broad range of disability service contexts. It will focus on frameworks specific to the disability sector that will support staff to evidence key NDIS expectations regarding duty of care and client consent, choice, and control.

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This workshop is an interactive, and safe learning space where you will be given the opportunity to develop tools and strategies. You will have the opportunity to practice writing and reviewing case notes in a step by step process that ensures maximum learning.


Topics Include

  • Documentation and record keeping. Why is it important.
  • How are records used.
  • Communication: The impact on client participation, voice, and documentation
  • Values: The Impact on how we see clients and their behaviour.
  • Community practice standards
  • Applying theories and frameworks: The Social Model of Disability


  • What to write about: Evidence of service delivery and how to describe active support.
  • Objective reporting (The how to’s)
  • Structuring and format of case notes
  • Using dot points and sentences
  • Reviewing and amending case notes
  • Duty of care and legal requirements
  • Consent
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Quality control and reviewing case note records.

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