Writing Professional Case Notes and Client Records Workshop

At their foundation, CAFFSA workshops are based on relational and best practice frameworks and will provide participants with a side by side learning experience where relationships are at the center of all training delivered. The Professional Case Note Writing workshop will focus on writing and recording client interactions across the different facets of community services. This workshop will provide participants creative, engaging and time saving ways to write and structure case notes .

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Research has shown that good record- keeping practices play a vital part in achieving and maximising positive client outcomes. Case notes are therefore an integral and important part of practice for practitioner’s in the Community Services Sector.  This workshop is an interactive,and safe learning space where you will be given the opportunity to develop tools and strategies

Topics Include:

  • Why we keep client records
  • Advocating for Clients
  • Why and what we write about
  • Worker professionalism
  • Communication
  • Quality control
  • Foundational Characteristics of Client Case Note Taking
  • Overview of reporting models and templates for client information
  • Objective reporting howto’s
  • Proof reading your case notes
  •  Structuring format of case notes
  • Amending client case notes
  • Creating your own Case Note Tool Kit

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