State and National policies and frameworks

National frameworks protecting children
Information Sharing Guidelines

With issues such as child protection, homelessness, mental illness, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse or gambling often coexisting, information sharing can ensure that an informed interagency and multi-disciplinary response is provided. The Information Sharing Guidelines provide a consistent state-wide approach to appropriate information sharing practice wherever there are threats to safety and wellbeing.

The Information Sharing Guidelines support a wide range of South Australian government agencies and nongovernment organisations (NGOs) acting under a contract with the state government, including (but not limited to) those working in health, education, policing, juvenile justice, disability, housing, mental health, family violence, drug and alcohol services, Aboriginal community controlled services, multicultural services, aged care, correctional services, and investigations and screening units.

The ISG apply to people doing paid or volunteer work in these sectors who provide services partly or wholly to:
• children and young people
• families
• pregnant women and their unborn children
• adults. 

Interagency code of practice

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System reform

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Royal Commissions

Nyland report

The Child Protection Systems Royal Commission conducted a comprehensive investigation into the laws, policies, practices and structures in place for children at risk of harm, including those who were under guardianship of the minister.
The report, ‘The Life They Deserve’ (PDF, 15.6 MB) was delivered to the Governor of South Australia on 5 August 2016 and described a system in urgent need of reform.
In the report, Commissioner Nyland made 260 recommendations to improve the child protection system. 

Annual Reporting on the Recommendations of the Nyland report.

The state government reports annually on its progress implementing the Royal Commission’s recommendations. From 2020 onwards, annual reporting occurs under Safe and well: Supporting families, protecting children.

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